University of St Andrews is the latest Opening the Future member at Liverpool University Press

Liverpool University Press (LUP) is delighted to announce that the University of St Andrews Library is the latest to subscribe to our Opening the Future collective funding programme. Founded in the 15th century, St Andrews is Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English speaking world. The University’s 10,000+ students (a mixture of postgraduates and undergraduates) and [...]

Edge Hill University joins CEU Press’s Opening the Future programme

The Library at Edge Hill University is the latest to subscribe to CEU Press’s OA monograph funding programme.Formally opened as a college in 1885 with just 41 students, the University has grown to a student population of over 23,000 studying subjects ranging from Accountancy and Biosciences, to Engineering, History, Politics and Sport.The library has chosen to subscribe to the History package [...]

COMING SOON - CEU Press' first OA book, funded by Opening the Future

The first book funded entirely by our Opening the Future programme and its generous library supporters is due out in late November 2021.Words in Space and Time: Historical Atlas of Language Politics in Modern Central Europe by Dr Tomasz Kamusella offers insights into the history and mechanics of Central Europe’s languages as products of human history and a part of culture.Free to read, free [...]

University of Rhode Island joins LUP’s Opening the Future programme

The University Libraries at University of Rhode Island (URI) are the latest to subscribe to Liverpool University Press’s OA monograph funding programme.With history dating back to 1888, the URI has nearly 18,000 students representing 48 states and 76 countries. The library has chosen to subscribe to a package containing two monograph series: Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures, and [...]

European University Institute are early subscribers to Opening the Future at Liverpool University Press

We are pleased to announce that the European University Institute (EUI) Library is the latest library to join the Liverpool University Press (LUP) Opening the Future initiative.Founded in 1976 and with over 1000 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, the EUI is a leading institute in Europe dedicated to the research of social sciences and humanities. With this membership, their staff and [...]

CEU Press announces 4th book for Opening the Future programme

We’re so pleased to announce another book going fully open access through our Opening the Future project, thanks to library support. It will be available for free download in late November 2021, when we’ll let the community know it’s been published.It is through this programme that we are able to make in-depth studies on universal issues available to a broader interested audience around the [...]

New article in 'Research Information' on OA monographs and Opening the Future

An article co-authored by Anthony Cond, CEO of Liverpool University Press (LUP), was published recently in a leading industry magazine called Research Information. In it, Anthony and co-author Professor Martin Eve (Birkbeck, University of London and a COPIM project lead), recap some of the emerging funding models in open access monograph publishing. They note that the funding landscape is [...]

University of Groningen Library joins Opening the Future at CEU Press

CEU Press is delighted to announce that the University of Groningen Library is the latest to subscribe to our Opening the Future collective funding programme. Established in 1614, the University has a long history and outstanding alumni include the first Dutch woman to complete a university degree (Aletta Jacobs), as well as the first Dutch astronaut, and several Nobel prize winners.Under the [...]

Liverpool University Press announces first sign up to their Opening the Future OA books programme

Liverpool University Press (LUP) is delighted to announce that KU Leuven has become the first institution to join its Opening the Future programme.  Recently launched as the second of COPIM’s pilots for sustainable open access books, the initiative will see KU Leuven staff and students benefit from unlimited access to two backlist series of LUP monographs on contemporary Latin American [...]

Lancaster University becomes new Opening the Future member

CEU Press and COPIM are pleased to announce that the library at Lancaster University, UK, is the latest subscriber member to Opening the Future. Lancaster is the first library to subscribe to all three packages of books: History, Political Science, and the Editors' Choice package. This means that their staff and students now have unlimited/concurrent access in perpetuity to 150 different [...]