From Digitalization to the Democratization of Knowledge

An interview between Dr Tomasz Kamusella, Reader at the University of St. Andrews, UK, and Emily Poznanski, Director CEU Press. Dr Tomasz Kamusella is the author of Words in Space and Time: A Historical Atlas of Language Politics in Modern Central Europe, a forthcoming open access title published by CEU Press under the Opening the Future project.What is your opinion of open access? [...]

Welcome to Opening the Future at Liverpool University Press

Liverpool University Press (LUP) are pleased to announce that we are adding to our existing Open Access (OA) publishing programmes with the launch of this innovative monograph funding initiative. Our Opening the Future programme offers libraries subscription/membership access to a choice of two modern language backlist series - and in return the we will use subscription fees to produce [...]

Jisc subscriptions manager is now live for Opening the Future and CEU Press

This means that UK libraries can now easily sign up to, and pay for, the packages of books on offer from the Central European University (CEU) Press through the standard Jisc catalogue interface. CEU Press and COPIM are tremendously grateful to colleagues at Jisc who have now finalised the licence for libraries in the UK to subscribe to Opening the Future with CEU Press. The programme has a [...]

Announcing the first OA book funded entirely by library membership programme ‘Opening the Future’

Roll out of first open access books fully funded by Opening the FutureWe're thrilled to announce that our Opening the Future library membership programme has reached the threshold needed to begin funding the first titles in open access.The Opening the Future platform is a CEU Press and COPIM initiative, launched earlier this year to facilitate transitioning the entire monograph program of CEU [...]

Freely releasing the code for our sign up system

We're pleased to announce that the COPIM project - that launched Opening the Future as a pilot with CEU Press - has today released the code originally written for this website. This is the code that collects and processes library signups. This release makes the software freely available for any publisher to adapt and use themselves - it is a generic signup system for open-access projects [...]

Open for business! Opening the Future goes live

Central European University (CEU) Press, in partnership with COPIM, is pleased to announce that our Opening the Future platform is now fully live, and member access to the programme’s curated backlist of books is available from Tuesday 19th January, through Project MUSE.Opening the Future gives member libraries subscription access to portions of the Press’s highly-regarded backlist and uses the [...]

Welcome to the website for our innovative OA funding model

Welcome! The Central European University Press (CEU Press) and COPIM project (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) are pleased to announce details of a new open access (OA) monograph funding model. CEU Press is transitioning to an OA monograph programme through our new library subscription membership initiative, Opening the Future. The Press will provide access to [...]