LUP release 2 more books funded by OtF

Posted by Tom Grady on May 30, 2023 at 0910

A further two books in LUP’s Opening the Future (OtF) open access programme have reached their funding targets: A City Against Empire by Thomas K. Linder and Feeling Sick: The Early Years of AIDS in Spain by Dean Allbritton are now available as part of LUP’s renowned Liverpool Latin American Studies and Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures series.

A City Against Empire combines intellectual, social, and urban history to analyse the role of 1920s Mexico City as an important global hub for anti-imperialism, exile activism, political art, and international solidarity.

Feeling Sick: The Early Years of AIDS in Spain examines the cultural history of the early years of HIV/AIDS in Spain (1981-1987) as it has been told through television and print media, ephemeral products of visual culture, fiction film, and the so-called risk groups that lived through the epidemic.

Both titles are available to buy in print but, as with all their other Opening the Future-funded titles, the OA versions are also freely available for download on LUP’s website and on OAPEN, and listed on DOAB.

Find out more on LUP's 'OA Progress' webpage.