New article in 'Research Information' on OA monographs and Opening the Future

Posted by Tom Grady on Oct. 21, 2021 at 1313

An article co-authored by Anthony Cond, CEO of Liverpool University Press (LUP), was published recently in a leading industry magazine called Research Information.

In it, Anthony and co-author Professor Martin Eve (Birkbeck, University of London and a COPIM project lead), recap some of the emerging funding models in open access monograph publishing. They note that the funding landscape is getting more complex and that libraries face a challenge in keeping abreast and in identifying which models are the best fit for their institution. Cond and Eve conclude, however, that "The next year will be crucial in terms of mandates and models. What we cannot do, at this point, is throw our hands up and say that everything is too complicated and do nothing."

Liverpool University Press's Opening the Future programme is just one new model in this landscape: a library membership deal whereby the money from subscriptions is used exclusively to produce new open access books. At the same time, being a member boosts the libraries' eBook collections in the fields of hispanic culture, including literature, cinema, popular culture, theory and history. You can read more on the books that library members get access to here:

You can read the Research Information article, 'Crucial time' for OA monographs,  here:


Image credit: Manolo Chr├ętien on Unsplash